Cop Camp

Cop Camp 2017

Cop Camp is set to start July 10 - 14, 2017 and will be held at Bedford Middle School, 503 Longwood Avenue. Help us to make this our most fantastic year of camp! Your help is greatly appreciated!


Donations are appreciated! These are the items that are needed for camp. An inexpensive donation of one of these items goes a very long way in helping us make it through the week! Drop your donations off at the Police Department:
  • Bottled Water/Lemonade
  • Canned Drinks (Any flavor/brand/Diet/Regular/Caffeine Free)
  • Gatorade Style Drinks - Any flavor/brand
  • Monetary Donations/Gift Certificates
  • Paper Plates/Paper Towels/Napkins
  • Plastic forks/knives/spoons

NEW Registration Process

  • Applications are now available on-line through the Town of Bedford's website.
  • Applications will be placed in the vestibule entrance to the Police Department located underneath the carport and available 24/7.
  • Applications will be placed in the main entrance of the Municipal Building and will be available M-F from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • All applications have to be returned to the Bedford Police Department by US mail or dropping them off by APRIL 21, 2017. No applications will be accepted after April 21st.
  • The PD will review applications and parents/guardians will be notified by June 2, 2017 if their child was enrolled in camp.
  • Camp will be held at Bedford Middle School, 503 Longwood Ave, Bedford.

First come first serve:
Bedford Police Department
215 E Main Street
Bedford VA 24523

Phone: 540-587-6011

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