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Residential Sanctuary Small General ( Customer Owns Equipment)
Large General (select one of the following) 120 - 1000 Volt OR 1000 - 2400 Volt
Large Capacity (select one of the following) 2.4KV - 40KV OR 40KV and above
Industrial Power-4

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Please note that calculations DO include the Power Cost Adjustment for your bill. Calculations DO NOT include taxes.

How to Use & Tips

This page is intended for use as an estimator only; the calculated values do not include taxes and may vary from your actual bill by a few pennies. You can use this estimator to help keep track of your electric bills, to see how much you could save if you lowered your usage, or to see at-a-glance the differences between Summer and Winter usage, for example. You could also see how much you could save if you moved into the Town from the County, or how much it would cost if you started a commercial business on your property.

For electricity, check the boxes that apply to you and fill in the values from your most recent bill to get a feel for how this part works. If you are a residential customer, this is just a matter of the kwh (kilowatt hours) that you used. If you are a commercial or industrial customer, you'll need more information. If you are not sure about what goes in each blank, or you aren't sure what kind of customer you are, you can contact Utility Billing at 540.587.6047 and they'll be glad to help. Pop-up messages will help guide you if you put too low an amount in a box or check something that doesn't make sense.

Please note that the calculations to the left DO NOT include taxes. However, they do include the "power cost adjustment", the calculation for offsetting the rising cost of energy today.

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