Emergency Management

The Town of Bedford's office of Emergency Management is responsible for local disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The Code of Virginia requires each locality to have a director of emergency management and may appoint a coordinator of emergency management. The Town maintains a local emergency operations plan and is required to regularly hold exercises to test the plan.
StormReady Community

Community Warning System

A community warning system is being developed by the Town. It currently consists of a cable television over-ride system, one permanent mount emergency warning siren (located downtown) and tone alert radios that can be purchased by businesses and citizens. All schools located within the Town have been provided tone alert radios. Future plans call for installations of three additional emergency warning sirens around the Town.

The Community Warning System will be activated upon the identification of an emergency. Upon activation of the system, the following procedure is recommended: When a potential danger is identified the E-911 Center will activate the warning system. The siren will sound a high and low tone for three minutes. People are encouraged to seek shelter and tune to a local media outlet for instructions. The all clear alert, a constant tone, will sound for three minutes once the danger has passed.

Homeland Security

Public information regarding homeland security and terrorism may be found on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website