Licenses & Fees

Business Licenses

Business Licenses are permits issued by the Town of Bedford that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the Town's limits. In Fiscal Year 2014 the Town eliminated its Business/Professional/Occupational License Tax (BPOL) and replaced it with a flat annual business permit of $30. Renewal of business licenses should be done by the end of January every year.

Business Licenses are required for three main reasons: (1) to identify your business and to provide accountability, (2) to provide public health and safety compliance, and (3) allows the Town to verify that your location is zoned for the purpose that you want to use it for and that there are enough parking spaces to meet code. For more information please review Starting A Business In Bedford. Download or print a Business License Application.

Dog Licenses

The Town of Bedford no longer issues dog licenses. Please contact the Bedford County Treasurer's office at 540-586-7670 to obtain a license or visit the Bedford County Treasurer's Office Website

Parking Ticket Fines

Parking Fines are set at $10 if ticket is paid within 48 hours and $20 if paid after 48 hours. Payments for parking ticket fines can be made in person at the Treasury Office, by mail, or in the night box.

Treasury Office
215 E Main Street
Bedford, VA 24523

Cemetery Fees

The Town routinely maintains 4 active cemeteries and 4 historical cemeteries. Fees are as follows:
Type  Category  Fee 
 Grave Spaces  Adult  $1,200
 Columbarium  Standard Niche  $1,000
   Custom Niche  $1,400
 Grave Services  Adult  $1,000 to $1,300
   Infants  $500 to $750
   Cremation  $500 to $660
   Double Depth Burials  $1,240 to $1,600
   Mausoleum  $600 to $840
 Foundations  Monument  $130/sq.ft.
   Marker  $100/sq.ft.
 Services  Disinterment  $1,000 to $1,300
   Re-Interment  $1,000 to $1,300

Electric Fees

 Type  Category  Fee
 Service  Transfer fee  $8
   Connection fee  $15
   Re-connection fee (8:30 - 5:00)  $30
   Re-connection fee (After hours)  $60
   New pole installation (Dusk-to-Dawn Light)  $100
   Temporary service connection (Plus cost of wire)  $35
 Utility Deposit  2 x Average month's bill  
   Residential minimum  $100
   Commercial minimum  $200
 Meter Test  Electric, if inaccurate  No Charge
   Electric, single phase, if accurate  $30
   Electric, poly phase, if accurate  $40
   Re-read - Electric, if accurate  $10
 Underground  Single phase primary, Town provides trench  $1/ft
   Single phase primary, Customer provides trench  $0.40/ft
   Secondary, from overhead system, Town provides trench  $1.75/ft
   Secondary, from overhead system, Customer provides trench  $1.15/ft
   Secondary, from underground, Town provides trench  $1.50/ft
   Secondary, from underground, Customer provides trench  $1.50/ft
 Tampering Meter Re-connection Fee - 1st Occurrence  $75 
   Meter Re-connection Fee - 2nd or more Occurrence $150 
   Meter Base Damage from Tampering - 200 AMP $55 

Other Fees

 Type  Fee
 Copies, per page $0.50                                
 Returned check  $35
 Debt set-off  $20
 Going-out-of-business permit  $65
 Loudspeaker permit  $25
 Canvasser/agents permit, per person  $5
 Fireworks permit  $25
 Solid Waste fee per month  $18
 Extras Trash Cart fee per month  $3