Bedford Middle School Campus Project

Located in the heart of the Town of Bedford resides an opportunity to develop and reinvent a publicly owned piece of property that has stood as a beacon of education for many years.   As a result of reversion from a City to a Town, Bedford has a significant campus that no longer will be utilized by the school system and is prime redevelopment property. The imagination is the limit on how this multifunctional site could be repurposed into an economically viable entity. The property occupies a very prominent and visible site within the Town at the intersection of Peaks Street and Longwood Avenue and resides at 503 Longwood Avenue - identified by Tax Parcels 174-5-1-T, 174-5-2-T, 174-5-3-T, 174-5-4-T, and 194-A-70-T.

There is a large athletic field and four freestanding structures consisting of:

  1. Main Building: A two story building with a full basement, occupying a footprint of approximately 27,000 square feet. Constructed in the mid-1930’s, it has been used continuously as a public school facility.
  2. “Old Yellow”: A three story building occupying a footprint of approximately 11,000 square feet. Constructed circa 1912, it served as a public facility until approximately 1989. Since that time it has been vacant.
  3. Cafeteria Building: A one story building occupying a footprint of approximately 7,000 square feet. Constructed circa 1964, it has been used continuously for school meal preparation and service.
  4. Gymnasium: Two story building occupying a footprint of approximately 14,500 square feet. Constructed circa 1999, the gymnasium and classroom facilities have been used continuously since then.


STEP 1:  The Town, in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act, issued a call for Request for Proposal (RFP) for any entity who wished to submit a conceptual idea for the reinvention of this property to bid on. To view the original Request for Proposal, please follow Bedford Middle School Campus RFP.
STEP 2:  There were 3 respondents to the issuance of the RFP. Those respondents were: The Landmark Group, Waukeshaw Development, Inc., and Bedford County Public Schools. (Please follow links to review proposals.)
STEP 3: The Town then hosted a public meeting on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building to allow for the respondents to present their conceptual ideas and to host a Town Hall for citizen engagement and feedback on the proposals. Bedford Middle School Public Meeting Notes

Next Steps

Town Council is currently conducting a thoughtful review process of each proposal to see which concept best fits into the vision of the Towns Comprehensive Plan.