Redevelopment & Housing Authority

The Redevelopment and Housing Authority investigates housing conditions and the means and methods of improving such conditions. The Authority determines where blighted areas exist in the Town of Bedford to assist the community to make the areas livable and safe. The Authority recommends related problems of removing and reconstructing dwellings for persons of low income. The Authority leverages funds, when available, to assist with property improvement.

Frances Coles

Term Expiration: 10/13/2022

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Jim Messier

Term Expiration: 10/13/2024

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Rusty Mansel

Term Expiration: 10/13/2024

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Gail Davis

Term Expiration:  10/13/2023

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Ann Duncan

Term Expiration: 10/13/2025

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Michael Payne

Term Expiration:  10/13/2023

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