Building Permits and Inspections

Public SafetyNOTICE: Please CLICK HERE to verify that your property is in the Town

Public Safety For permits, inspections, questions or inquiries for properties OUTSIDE of the Town of Bedford, please contact Bedford County Division of Building Inspections at: (540) 586-7616 or visit the Bedford County Division of Building Inspections Website

The Town of Bedford’s Office of Building Inspections is responsible for issuing building permits and performing inspections as required by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC). Virginia law requires the enforcement of the USBC by all localities to ensure that assumed minimal standards of health, safety and welfare are afforded to the occupants of both public and private buildings.

The USBC requires that an application be submitted and a building permit be obtained prior to the construction, alteration, renovation, repair, change of use, demolition or relocation of any structure. This includes all structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and safety features.

A building permit is not required for the following, most notable items:

  • Low voltage wiring, unless part of an alarm system.
  • One story, detached sheds, playhouses and similar that do not exceed 256 sq/ft. (these do require a zoning permit).
  • Fences of any height, unless constructed of concrete or masonry over 6’ high or serving as a swimming pool barrier.
  • Retaining walls supporting less than 3’ of unbalanced fill.
  • Swimming pools that are less than 150 sq/ft, 24” deep and 5,000 gallons.
  • Flagpoles 30’ or less in height.
  • Replacement of residential mechanical appliances unless fuel fired.
  • Residential roofing, siding or window and door replacement.
  • Minor repairs, flooring, cabinets and trim.

Land Disturbance Permits are issued by the Bedford County Division of Natural Resources. They are required when disturbing an area greater than 10,000 sq/ft, within 200’ of water or in a residential Common Plan Development recorded after 7/1/2004. For more information call (540) 586-7616, or follow the link provided below.

Well and Septic Permits are issued by the Bedford County Health Department when public water and/or sewer is not available, or if alterations or repairs are made to existing systems. A Modification Permit is required when new structures, additions or enlargements are proposed on properties with an existing well or septic system, or if additional connections are made. For more information call (540) 586-7952, or visit at 600 Bedford Ave., Bedford, VA 24523.