Electric Department

History of Services

The Town of Bedford Electric Department was established in 1899 to provide electric service to the residents, businesses and industries of the Town of Bedford and part of Bedford County. More than 100 years later, the department is still working to provide the same high quality service to the area. At the present time, Bedford serves 5,609 residential and 883 commercial/industrial customers with 700 miles of distribution and transmission lines in the Town of Bedford and Bedford County.

Operations & Facilities

The Electric Department operates and maintains 11 substations and a hydro plant. In order to provide reliability to its customers, the Electric Department has 2 interconnection points with AEP, Mosely Substation and Centerville Substation. Bedford currently purchases wholesale power from AMP-Ohio to meet it's peak demand of 53 megawatts. The town also generates a portion of it's electrical needs at its 5 megawatt hydro facility on the James River. The Department currently has 12 highly skilled professionals to operate and maintain its electrical system.
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