Electric Service

All Utility bills for the Town of Bedford are collected in the Treasury office. Payments of cash, check or money order may be paid in person, by mail, or the night box (located outside of the front door of the Town Municipal Building). Payments made in the night box after 8 a.m. will not be credited to your account until the next business day. 

Official Payments Service

However, we do have an outside independent service (sanctioned by the State) called Official Payments. You can pay your Utility Bills by using their service, and they will send the payments along to us.


This service is not free. Official Payments will charge a fee of $4.95 for each utility transaction (maximum bill of $500). You can use Official Payments by visiting their website or you can call 800-272-9829. Our Jurisdiction code is 1071. Our Utility account numbers only have 13 digits; Official Payments will ask for 15 digits. Just add 2 zeros to the front of your account number.

They will give you a confirmation number. You'll need to call the Collection's Office at 540-587-6057 and give us the confirmation number. The payment will not go onto your account until the next business day.

If you are moving into a new location in the Town and wish to have utilities connected in your name, please call the Utility Billing and Connections office at 540-587-6047.

Apply for Service

Download the appropriate application based on the type of service you need. Please bring the completed application, a picture ID and the appropriate deposit to:
Municipal Building
215 E Main Street
Bedford, Virginia 24523



Deposit amounts are as follows:
  • If you own the land: No deposit required.
  • If you do not own the land: A deposit is required.
Please call Utility Billing at 540-587-6047 to get a deposit amount for a specific property address.

Cut-On & Cut-Off Service

After turning in your Residential or Commercial Utility Service Application, you must complete and return the below forms to have the Utility Service cut on a specific date.