Town of Bedford Projects


Category Description Cost Completion Status
Peaking Capacity:        
  Add 3 MW of diesel generators for peak shaving & emergency back-up. $1,490,000 ASAP Project is 95% complete.
Undergoing SCADA integration, final testing & AEP acceptance. 
  Shop Service Panel & Lighting $25,000 FY 2017 In Service
  Canal Head Gate Actuators, Bottom Seals, & Emergency Power $60,000 FY 2017 Engineering design complete, equipment ordered.
  Power Production - PLC Control $150,000 FY 2017 Under development by vendor
  U-4 Heat Exchanger & Cooling $15,000 FY 2017 Will be completed as part of the speed increaser project.
Transmission & Distribution:        
  Rebuild Wood Structure at Centerville Substation $100,000 FY 2017 Replaced structure received. Waiting on RFP approval to begin construction.
  AMR Commercial Meter Replacement and Pilot Load Research Policy $70,000 FY 2017 Meter replacement is underway.
  Replace "Dog House" Transformer & Concentric Neutral Cables $100,000 FY 2018 Engineering design completed, work plan under development.
  Centerville to Bedford Weaving Circuit Reconfiguration $350,000 FY2017 Engineering design completed, RFP under development. 
  Crew Truck Replacement $40,000 FY 2017 In Service
  Bucket Truck (Small) $150,000 FY 2017 Delivery anticipated by end of FY.