Utilities - Power, Water, Internet


The Town of Bedford is one of 16 Virginia municipal utilities that provides its citizens and industrial customers with electrical power.
  • Renewable: Bedford Electric is a leader in providing “green” renewable electricity where 20-25% of all provided power will be generated from both hydroelectric (i.e., Bedford Hydropower Project) and solar sources (Bedford Solar Project) by 2018. Bedford’s unique power portfolio provides the ideal location for environmentally conscious businesses providing justification for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points or other positive environmental impact certifications and product labels useful in product marketing.
  • Reliable: Bedford Electric operates 5.5 MW of diesel backup generation capacity for industrial customers located in and around the Bedford Center for Business Park. Coupled with redundant interconnection locations with American Electric Power and its dedicated staff, Bedford Electric provides a very high level of reliable power to its power sensitive industrial customers.
  • Affordable: Bedford Electric can provide special off-peak electric rates that can substantially reduced power costs for high consumption customers as well as provide options for customer specific infrastructure requirements.


The Bedford Regional Water Authority provides industries located within the town limits water from the Stony Creek Reservoir located at the base of the Peaks of Otter mountains blended with water from a newly constructed water treatment facility sourced from Virginia's largest reservoir, Smith Mountain Lake.
  • Industry Compatible: The primary water supplied to Bedford is categorized as being “soft” having relatively low mineral content resulting in maintenance savings related to industrial water handling equipment such as boilers, and permitting more effective use of cleaning protocols.
  • Abundant/Redundant Supply: Bedford’s redundant water supply is capable of providing businesses up to 15,000,000 gallons/day of water. This coupled with its sub-tropical climate that provides an average of 42 inches of annual rain fall results in an industrial water supply that is highly reliable, plentiful, pure and exceedingly drought tolerant.
  • Palatable: The Stoney Creek Reservoir is fed by numerous granite mountain springs sourced mostly from National Park Service land resulting in a very palatable and clean water supply suitable for food/beverage manufacturing purposes.


Internet service is provided throughout Town by several reliable commercial providers. These include Shentel, Lumos, Verizon and B2X. 
  •    Shentel – 1-800-743-6835 (800-SHENTEL)
       Lumos – 1-855-866-0996
       Verizon – 1-888-680-7266
       B2X Online – 540-389-7924