It is the mission of the Department of Finance to provide fiduciary responsibility to the citizens and taxpayers of the Town of Bedford to ensure that financial resources are collected, safe-guarded, maximized and dispersed in a fiscally judicious manner. As employees of the Town we provide optimal financial services to a wide range of constituents in a transparent and professional way that meets the expectations of those we serve while adhering to all current accounting and management standards.

The function of this division is to administer the financial operations of the Town of Bedford by overseeing:

  • Budget Administration 
  • Financial Accounting Processes
  • Treasury Management
  • Payroll Administration 
  • Revenue Management 
  • Utility Services 
  • Debt Management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Purchasing & Bid Services
  • Financial Reporting 
The Department of Finance is comprised of two units: (1) Treasury Unit and (2) Finance Unit. Each unit has a specific set of duties assigned to maintain separation of duties requirements as set forth in accordance with the Auditor of Public Accounts of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

 Compliance monitoring is done in all financial areas to conform Town operations to existing Federal, State, and local rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the division to promote the fiscal soundness of the community so that its social, public safety, infrastructure and overall quality of life will be maintained at the high standard required and desired by its residents.