Financial Reporting

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

Section 15.1-167 of the Code of Virginia and Section 30 of the Charter of the Town of Bedford, require an annual independent audit and report of financial activity of the Town.

For financial reporting purposes, in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) criteria, the Town of Bedford includes funds, agencies, boards, commissions and authorities that were controlled by or were financially dependent upon the Town within the reporting period.

Control by or financial dependence was determined on the basis of obligation of the Town to finance deficits, guarantee debt, select the governing authority, approve the budget, have authority to make a public levy, and to have ownership of assets. 
The Town of Bedford provides an extensive range of services for its citizens including general administration, public safety, public works, planning, zoning, economic and community development, code enforcement, and cemetery management. The Town also provides and maintains electric utilities, and handles solid waste disposal for the benefit of its citizens. 

ACFR Documents

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  2. FY 2022
  3. FY 2021
  4. FY 2020
  5. FY 2019
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